We believe that the stock market is inefficient in terms of pricing, and that this inefficiency offers the opportunity for profits. Through our proprietary and thorough research, we aim to gain a firm grasp of companies’ fundamentals, predict securities’ price trends and generate excess return for our clients.


We invest in owner-owned and managed public listed companies. The management of these companies are substantial majority shareholders. They play a central role in the management of these companies. We believe the alignment of interests between owners and investors provide long-term shareholder value. Owner-managed companies are more nimble and flexible in responding to changes, they make decisions faster, providing long-term stable earnings growth prospects.

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Japan Equities

We invest through a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) approach, with different strategies focusing on a mixture of high, stable and cyclical growth stocks, and companies that have a competitive edge on innovation, knowhow and technological superiority.

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Asia ex Japan Equities

We invest in companies with sustainable competitive edge and those that are available at a reasonable valuation. We prefer businesses that have demonstrated superior execution ability, operating under a favourable industry structure. We offer our expertise through both pan Asia ex-Japan and regional strategies, harnessing deep local knowledge and diversity of our investment team.

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