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Emily Tan

Hello! I'm Emily Tan, and I served as a Business Development intern from May to August 2023. Throughout my internship, I immersed myself in comprehensive research, delving into market trends, industry dynamics, and valuable client insights.

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Shereen Nathania Surya

Hello, I'm Shereen. I spent three enriching months during the summer of 2023 in the investment department, specifically as part of the ASEAN team. My primary role involved qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of ASEAN equities.

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Dione Goh

Hello! I am Dione, an Intern with the Investments team from January to April 2023. As an Investment Analyst Intern, I performed company, industry, and financial analysis, as well as financial modelling and valuation to initiate coverage on companies and pitch their stocks.

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Shawn Ling

Hello! I'm Shawn, and I had the incredible opportunity to serve as an investment analyst intern during the first half of the year 2023. My daily responsibilities involved delving into reports and honing my financial modelling skills.

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Jordan Chong

Hello! My name is Jordan, and I was an Equity Research intern for 3 months in Year 2022. As an equity research intern at Tokio Marine Asset Management International, my job scope primarily involved conducting research and analysis on various companies and industries to inform investment decisions.

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Tania Tan

Hello! My name is Tania, and I was an Equity Research intern for 4 months in Year 2022. My responsibilities in this role included researching on different companies from varying industries to aid portfolio managers in their investment decisions. I also worked closely with other Investment Analysts on specific projects and supplemented their main research with my own.

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