21 November 2022
4 Things you must know before investing in Japan
4 Things you must know before investing in Japan
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1. Japan Market is Getting Cheaper
  • US rate hikes push price/earnings down to around 12x for duration of tightening cycle.
  • Bottoming out towards the long-term average of 14x as cycle begins to wind down.
Source: Factset
2. Weak Yen and Impact on Equity Market
  • TOPIX and JPY less correlated than previously, but weak JPY helps corporate profits.
  • Current USD/JPY assumptions around 120 suggest potential upside revisions on the EPS forecasts.
TOPIX FY2023 EPS top-down forecast
Source: Nomura Securities
Source: Factset
3. Wages in Japan
  • While Japan's wages have flatlined, those in other OECD countries have risen over the years.
  • The Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) , Japan's top labour group, is seeking the biggest pay raise for union members in nearly three decades next spring.
  • BOJ aiming for virtuous wage-price cycle to escape decades of deflation.
Virtuous cycle of corporate activity and household disposable income
Source: Bank of Japan
4. Improving Corporate Governance and Shareholder Returns
Dividends and buybacks
Share buybacks announced

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